" Logbook - Stahlratte "

Yesterday we arrived here in Guanaja. The island is very different from Providencia. Mountains, too, but much dryer. Most of the traffic is by boat. They don't have a lot of roads here. And no motor-scooter rentals!!! Under water it is much nicer. Very good snorkeling here! The weather is still great but a little bit colder then we are used to...

Position 15-37N 83-43W
Since the probability of a storm building up sank to 20% we left for Guanaja on tuesday. Now we are sailing (I mean really sailing with all sails up!! And on the right course!!) along the coast of Honduras. And it stopped raining, too! And the sun is shining! This morning we caught a fish the size of the goat. And we havn't even finshed the goat yet. So may be it will be goat filled with fish for lunch and fish filled with goat for dinner..?

Providencia II
We are still in Providencia because of the weather. It was raining a lot last week and we had strong winds. Actually we wanted to leave today to Guanaja but the Internet said, there is a 20 to 50% chance of a hurricane building up around us. So we rather wait and follow the storm up north then let the storm follow us... Providencia is a very nice island and I think it is even nicer, when the sun is shining. So we kill some time here with hiking, riding motor-scooters,watching DVDs, playing board games, repairing stuff and eating. Guillermo bought a whole goat, so there is enough food, too.

Yesterday night we arrived in Providencia, dropped the anchor in front of the island and today in the morning we went to the harbour passing a shallow entrance and dropped the anchor again. Little mountains around us, caves, nice coloured houses and all in all it looks like a real pirate bay.

butt-ugly San Andres
We arrived in San Andres yesterday. Went to town for a while and decided to spend the evening on board watching DVD...Only Andrew and Katja went out for Dinner and returnd saying it was not as bad as expected. Tomorrow we want to continue to Provedencia which is supposed to be more beautiful. And a little wind for sailing would be nice...

position: 10-44N 80-04W
we have about 130 nm left to san andres. allways try to sail (sails upsails down, sails up sails down...)but the winds are too calm to fill thesails and so we we keep on motoring very slow hoping for a littlebreeze....but the weatherforecasts say it will be even more calm the nextcouple of days. the sea is calm and we had a nice offshore-swimming-stoppin 3500meter deep water and the sun was burning hot today. after a few rainshowers in the morning. half a hour ago we caught a big skipjack tuna wich we will have for dinner later. saludos a todos, los rateros

No shuttle-tours between panama-cartagena until end of january
San Blas to San Andres on 13th of November!!! We're still on the way to san andres(colombia) but with a little detour over san blas. Today we arrived chichime after a rocking trip with less wind and a lot waves. Glad to be arrived our guests started smiling, swimming, snorkeling, beachwalking, etc... tomorrow, we'll leave this group of island to go to another, named isla pero, for a nice wrack-snorkel. On thursday 13th of november we leave san blas to san andres.

We are leaving from Bocas Del Torro to San Blas on the 8th of November!!!
We reached Bocas yesterday after a nerve-racking trip against wind and current(!). We changed plans because of that. We will wait here in Bocas till the 8th to find some people to join us for a trip back to San Blas. Its 2 days sailing and 2 days in San Blas Islands for 300$. After that we will try to reach San Andres from there. Give us a call at 65 36 60 32. We had a long party night yesterday in Bocas. Some of the crew (Ludwig and Guillermo...) had to cope with some after-effects today. Luschen!

No Tours between Panama and Colombia until end of January
Portobello ade Today we start with a lot of rain going out of the nice bay in portobello. The dutch honeymoon couple leave us there and now we riding hard against the currency to bocas del torro.


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