" Logbook - Stahlratte "

in san blas....next tour 8thoct to cartagena is booked out
after 31 hours motorsailing in a very calm sea we arrived to coco bandero
yesterday eveninbg in the dark....it was the slowest tour this year so far as we
had a current with up to 2 kots against us. now anchored in the "coco" paradise
with no neighbours around....cool!
breakfast is eaten and after a little digestive rest we are going to snorkel
around a bit in the reefs......

just left cartagena to san blas....next tour 8thoct to cartagena is booked out
the first time in 8 years we were not allowed to leave the harbour of cartagena
this morning...the traffic was restricted because of bad visibility. there is no
fog here but is was raining a little bit and maybe dirty windows at the control
tower....who knows?

finally we could leve the harbour after half an hour waiting and it really
started to rain and the visibility got bad for a moment...ha ha ha!

we are 10 persons on board and the swiss took over the ship as 6 are swiss.
that seems to be a luxury cruise...especially for the crew as there is not so
much to cook and clean! quite good as the crew did hard work these days to paint
the complete hull and a lot of things have been repaired and maintained.
the stove was given away for a big maintenance and renewal and we got it back
yesterday afternoon....it really looked good first....so shiny;) and then after
installing it turned out to be completely destroyed. gas came out evreywhere gas
should better not come out from and some parts missed and others were completely
deformed...funny thing!
we had to call the guys from that company back to the ship and they worked from
6pm to midnight to get at least all fires working....rest of the demages next
time in cartagena!

now the weather is rainy but calm and course is set to coco bandero! seeya

it is 7:30am and we just dropped the anchor in the inner bay of cartagena. the
typical brutal hot sun is beginning its work now and the sweat is running

we had a very quick and super calm sailing from san blas to here with 21 souls
on board +8 motorcycles....now waiting for ships agencies instructions for the
immigration procedure

after a very calm sailing from cartagena to san blas with only 11 souls on
board we hade a great time in the islands with our geusts and made the tour a
day longer as nobody wanted to leave us day 4. so yesetterday everone went
their way to panama city...some by car, some by motorcycle and some by bicycle
(tough the last ones;)
now we have some days of relax and some little jobs to do untill our next tour
leaving carti the 10th sep.
we are presently waiting for the beginning of a traditional chicha ceremony on
the next island (carti-sugdub) where 2 girls have got their menstruation and
this is the first way for them to get woman....beside the traditional smoke and
washing ceremonies it is a holy drinking feast...ITOMALANDO (cheers in kuna)


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