" Logbook - Stahlratte "

Cayo Cuervo -- CUBA
Finally the wind died down in the afternoon, leaving us in a turquoise pool of calm waters. We repaired the Plastikratte/little Sailboat (which lost part of its steering yesterday hitting a reef), the bench on the top deck (which got lost during heavy winds on the journey from Trinidad) and went snorkeling in the afternoon sun. The sunset was spectacular and the rise of the full moon breathtaking. Now we are preparing dinner and getting ready for 2010. If the wind picks up again tomorrow we will sail towards Santiago, if not another day in Cayo Cuervo is waiting for us. Meanwhile we wish all of you a happy, healthy, exciting and wonderful New Year -greetings to the world from Cayo Cuervo!

from stahlratte / berlin to all members and friends. Love is to say hello and goodbye until we see us again :-)

Cayo Cuervo -- CUBA
Today we woke up with a strong north-east wind wich blew a good 5 all day long. So we stayed on bord, some watching TV, others reading, others doing laundry or reparing the Stahlratte. In the afternoon Gaby took out the "Plastikratte" (small sailboat) and flew across the blue waters. Tonight we will do a barbecue and watch the (almost full) moon. Greetings

Cayo Cuervo -- CUBA
Today the weather is a little cloudy and there is some wind so we are getting the little sailboat ready to explore the bay. Later we will go out to snorkle. Perfect holiday in Cayo Cuervo. Greetings

Cayo Cuervo -- CUBA
When the north wind finally came back yesterday (saturday) evening, captain Ludwig decided to sail during the night towards Cayo Cuervo. With good passat winds we arrived here this morning at 9 o'clock -almost hitting ground while entering the cayo. Three little islands form a circle and the Stahlratte anchors in the middle of it. The waters are blue and smooth -overall since the wind died down completely. 15 minutes with the dingi is a reef full of colourful fishes and beautiful underwater flora and fauna. Lulu shoot a fish, three lobsters and collected 3 enormous shells. So tomorrow we will eat Paella. The littel sailboat is in the water already and if wind comes back we will sail her tomorrow. The moon is growing fatter every day, bathing the ship in its silvery light. New Year is approaching, but fortunately still many days away. Greetings

Barra Manati -- CUBA
Yesterday we only motored to Cayo Blanco because there was no wind to sail but a promise
of north wind for the next day. We met a group of 8 fishermen at the beach bar who
celebrated their captain's birthday. We had some fun together, drinking Cuba Libre, talking
and dancing until the moskitoes got the best of us. The fishermen brought an enormous Red
Snapper which was prepared for us in the bar - delicious! When we got back to the
Stahlratte we had a bath in the warm Carribean water and watched the stars. This morning we
started early, with the northwind in our sails heading for Cayo Cuervo. About two hours
later the wind died so completely that you could see the shadow of the ship floating on the
ground. We turned on the motor and got here at the Reef about 4pm. We did some snorkeling
and enjoyed the peacefulness of a place where at least 3 shipwrecks have been resting for
quite a while. Tomorrow we will take up again our trip to Cayo Cuervo hoping for good
winds. Greetings - the crew.

trinidad -- CUBA
Yesterday two more people got on bord and now the crew is complete. We are still in the
bay of Trinidad, getting ready to leave this beautiful town tomorrow morning direction
Cayo Cuervo -Jardines de la Reina. Today we managed to buy potatoes for x-mas dinner -
lambleg apulian style with Tiramisu for desert. Captain Lulu is chief cook. We also
have a magic xmas-tree which grew last night and authentic cuban music. The cold
weather has made place to blue skies and lots of sunshine. Happy fiestas to everybody
and carribean greetings from Stahlratte.

trinidad -- CUBA
7 souls on board we left cienfuegos this morning and sailed out the bay to open sea
then winds left and we had to motor to trinidad. the weather is cold because of a
stupid coldfront passed over us and so we are anchored in front of trinidad now had
dinner and tomorrow we will go to shore and see what happens down town.....
salud a todos y tengan en cuenta que "no es facil"

we are back on board stahlratte since yesterday evening. roli and me we had a
great tour with our shitty chinese cheap bicycles 650km cycling, 250km on a truck
and 350km on a train through cuba. gabi, ete, holger and stefan from germany are
on board with us now and we are waiting for some more people and start our tour
along the cuban southcoast on monday. VIVA CUBA y VENCEREMOS

today we moore the ship to the marina in cienfuegos and tomorrow we will leave with our
bicycles for a 2 weeks excursion over land. so no mailtraffik untill 17/18th of december.
for urgent things mail to info@stahlratte.de or kapitaen_hoffmann@hotmail.com

heute legen wir die ratte an die pier in der marina in cienfuegos und morgen machen wir
uns mit unseren raedern auf eine 2 woechige excursion ueber land auf. somit werden wir
bis 16/17. dezember keine mails beantworten koennen.
in dringenden sachen koennt ihr mailen an info@stahlratte.de oder

hoy amarramos el barco en la marina de cienfuegos y salimos a una excursion por tierra en
bicis por dos semanas. asi no podemos responder emails hasta el 16/17 de diciembre.
en casos urgentes podeis escribir a info@stahlratte.de o kapitaen_hoffmann@hotmail.com


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