" Logbook - Stahlratte "

Monday, the 31st of January
On our way back to San Blas! Since yesterday we are sailing due south with 19 people on board. We caught two doradas today. Weather and wind are perfect. So we expect to arrive in Porvenir in two days.

Montag, 24.01.2011
Just had another great dinner on board the Stahlratte. We are 13 souls on board from beautiful countrys such as Antarktica, Greenland, Auenland, Entenhausen, Tomania and Disneyland...Most of the day we do nothing, eat to much and talk a lot of bullshit. At least most of us do...Life is good!!! (wenn nur nicht dauernd dieser gruen-brockige musikalische Schleim uebers Schiff rinnen wuerde...;)

tonight at 1:30am we arrived under sails to the norther reef of providencia where we dropped anchor and wnt for some snorkeling later in the morning, then we lifted anchor and motores the last 10 miles to providencia and now we are anchored in front of isla catalina in turqoise waters in front of the beach. the rest of the day was swimming and snorkeling and doing immigration. now most of the crew went for dinner on shore and just 3 of us enjoy the calm on the ship to watch a movie.

12:20pm we are 60 nautical miles northeast of providencia (14-14N 80-50W) running under motor since 3am as there is no wind at all. we just stopped for a nice offshore swim around the ship in deep blue waters.....now on course again and hoping for some wind to come back

4:30 in the morning...fresh made croissants are waiting to be eaten for breakfast we are passing over "alice shoal" 16-03N 079-28W with 5 knots speed course providencia. that was a beautifull bright moonlight night;-)

it is 8 in the morning and we are 17-17N 78-45W wich is 60nm southwest from jamaicas westtip. we had to motor 10 hours last night because of no winds but
now we are under full sails again with 6 knots speed so it looks like we are arriving to providencia on saturday weather is nice half cloudy/half sunny and the wind is e-ne 15kn the fishinglines are set with new bate and so we hope for some nice tuna today...;-)

it is 9 in the morning we just had breakfast and we look at montego bay a 2 miles south
of us and the wind calmed down so we just drift very slowly westwards. will wait untill
noon for the wind and if there will be non we start the motor to get around jamaicas west
tip and catch the trade winds again....

we left port antonio/jamaica at 10:45 this morning and since then we are under full
sails heading westwards the round the westtip of jamaica and then go straight course to
providencia. we are 16souls on board. the wind is 15 knots from the east and we do 4
knots and right now the sun stets behind western jamaica.....

sailing to santiago de cuba
SORRY!!! NO LOGBOOK FOR THE LAST WEEK.....but here we are again! on the 9th of january
we have left cuba with 14 souls on board /people are from germany, luxembourg, us, uk,
sweden, russia and colombia) the sailing was fast and easy so we arrived to port
antonio and dropped anchor under sails there on monday 10th. now we are enjoying
jamaica...today an excursion with a rented car in the mountains to some waterfalls and
later beach....weather is tropical style heat and humidity....ya man

sailing to santiago de cuba
this morning at 2:30am we arrived to santiago de cuba, the last 100 miles we had to motor because of no winds but the first 100 miles from cayo cuervo were beautifull ailing with max speed of 8.3 knots. now the sun is just rising and the little bay of punta gorda where the marina is and where we are anchored is beginning to wake up and we are waiting to get get a spot at the pier so we can dock and rceive the officials for clearance.

sailing to santiago de cuba
this noon we left cayo cuervo with a nice ne breeze and we are sailing in the inshore waters towards cabo cruz the west tip of cubas southcoast. its very easy sailing because there is no waves at all but we are doing 5.5 knots and now its dinner time....

in CAYO CUERVO/CUBA....next sailing to Santiago de cuba sunday 2nd jan
HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYBODY!!!! we left cienfuegos last tuesday with quite strong northeast winds and sailed almost all the way to cayo cuervo...the last 30miles motorsailing. catched a nice barracuda wich we eat for dinner when we arrived to cayo cuervo on wednesday. the water is too cold for long snorkel expeditions but we we enjoy the beatifull place here with little excursions with our saildinghi and the surfboard and eating well. yesterday we had an amazing dinner (lamb-legs italian style) for dinner and had a little party with dancing on the table...so today is relax day and we will set sails tomorrow after breakfast to sail to santiago de cuba


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