" Logbook - Stahlratte "

we had a very nice and fast sailing untill a 20 miles before cienfuegos where thewinds disappeared and we were drifting and trying to catch every little breeze. but,no chance...after severeal hours waiting and shifting the sails from one side to theother we finally started the motor and took down the canvas and went into cienfuegosbay and reached cienfuegos at 16 hours. here the authorities came on board (we had topiuck them up with our dingi) and all paperwork is done allready.

CUBA sailing to cienfuegos
we left cayo cuervo at 3pm today saturday the 28th november. lifted up the anchorunder sails and now we are sailing through the complicate reef system of golfo anamaria to sail in sheltered waters untill trinidad and then get out to open seasand head for cienfuegos. yesterday afternoon we went snorkeling and speerfishingand caught one big jackfish, 3 hogfishes and 4 langostas wich we are preparing fortonight dinner.

SAILING to CUBA (posi 60nm wsw jamaica)
since yesterday thursday 2pm we are anchored in cayo cuervo in the "jardines de la reina"in cuba. we the winds calmed down so we had to motor the rest of the way and for not tomotor to cayo largo wich would ahve been 180 miles we decided to go to cayo cuervo firstwich was only 130 miles. on the way we caught to yellowfin tunas and so we had a greatdinner yesterday night with coco rice, croquetas de platano and cinnamon-tuna.in the night a coldfront passed over us and now winds are blowing strong from north againand we have to decide if we start to sail to cayo largo today or stay here a daymore.....decisions are taken after breakfast!!!

SAILING to CUBA (posi 60nm wsw jamaica)
this morning the winds decreased a bit and we set all canvas and so we sailed the mostof the day with 7-8 knots. one big fish got on one of our fishinglines but was too bigand took the hook and led and everything. so no fish for dinner today. now we areclose to jamaicas west tip (60 nautical miles away) and heading for cayman islandswich we should pass tomorrow early afternoon. we had our first dinner outside on decktoday with a fabolous moonshine and very smouth sailing.

SAILING to CUBA (posi 200nm south of jamaica)
thats sailing!!!! between 7.5 and 8.5 knots the old lady makes her way through a
rough caribbean sea. several waves have washed our decks allready..even the upper
deck was awash tonight with a big bitchy wave and because of leaving the mail door
open also the inside of the ship got a floor-cleaning twice.
justen, carmen and sylvie are still with seasickness. we had some little
adventures with our sails: the fisherman-sail got a crack when we wanted to rise
it..because it hooked somewhere on deck. the 2nd jib got a little crack because of
the strong winds and the hallierd of the flyer broke. roli had to climb up to the
masttop (very scary!) to fix the halliard again, so we could set the flyer again
and the other sails are repaired. we had to build up our big sewing machine to
repair them. now everything looks good and we are sailing with main,stay,jib and

SAILING to CUBA 45nm NW cabo canoas/colombia
today 12:00 hours we have left the anchorage in cartagena bay and aftre 3 hours motoring we
set sails and so we are sailing towards cuba now, there are 10 persons on board from
australia, canada, spain, germany and austria. weatherforcasts are good and so we are
looking forward to 6-7 days sailing.

on the way to cartagena - NEXT SAILING to CUBA on the 20th nov
we are on the way to cartagena...left coco bandero in san blas this morning at 6am with
23 persons and 9 motorbikes on board. people are from canada, australia, holland,
argentina, brasil, poland, us, germany and austria.
the sea is calm and no wind, so we are motoring.

hanging out in coco bandero since a couple of days going spearfishing and cooking andeating and getting visits of other boats and if its not raining getting sunburned andso on and so on......today we sail to el porvenir to do paperwork.

Left Cartegena Nov. 3rd to San Blas Islands. Very calm ocean the entire journey with clear night sailing. Ocean like glass at night with not an ounce of wind. :( Arrived in San Blas and managed to catch a mackeril a few minutes before we gave up fishing. Absolutely beautiful paridise here with everything you would ever want. Time to go swim in the reef!

we had some trouble because of the place where we usually unload the motorbikes here in cartagena because of a denunciation but it was resolved 2 days later and now we have the official permission to unload the motos. we are on maintenance works aand had a big inspection for our safety equippment, so everything is like in new conditions. tuesday heading back to san blas and there is still spots left! ahoi


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