" Logbook - Stahlratte "

Arrived in San Blas, finish of the 2011 Carribean Tour
22.05.2011 0645LT 09-33.38N 078-56.85W Mooring Wind NE 1-2Bft We arrived this morning at Porvenir Island, dropped the anchor, had breakfast, after a night with some sailing, motorsailing and finally only engine. At noon we had all the immigration, customs etc. duties done, we moved to Eastern Lemmon Cays, Isla Nuinudup at 09-33.64N 078-51.65W about 4 nm W of Porvenir, a more scenic place to stay over night. We were swimming, snorkeling in the shallow waters with some baby sharks around us. The bar on one small island 300m ahead we visited for a sundowner had no icecubes and no rum, but a well warm beer and a absint drink and very friendly Kuna inhabitants. Tomorrow we are going back to Porvenir. One our shipmates has to fly home. ...raranito

On the way to Porvenir/San Blas Panama
21.05.2011 1000LT 11-45.0N 079-43.1W COG 150 deg 5.9kts Wind ENE 2Bft 83 nm to go. Yesterday evening at 0700LT we set the sails and fron than on, we are motorsailing with about a speed of 5.5kts. With autopilot steering and no shifting breeze the night watches were easy to handle. We calculate to be tomorrow morning in Porvenir for Immigration + Customs control. ...raranito

Sailing to Porvenir/Panama
20.05.2011 1000LT 12-30.1N 080-56.9W COG 150 deg. 5.2kts Wind E 1-2 Bft.

Yesterday evening at 2100LT after having dinner (self fished Bonito), we get the anchor up and left Providence Island. We had to use (still using) the engine (only light SEly breeze) to start the last part of our trip, The weather forecast promised us sunshine with some clouds and not sufficient wind for our old lady. Perhaps the wind will shift more NEly the next two days, that we can do at least motorsailing,

Providence Island
18.05.2011 0900LT 13-22.68N 081-22.56W Mooring SEly Wind 2-3 Bft After a night with some motorsailing and finally only the engines help, we arrived in the morning San Isabel Habor, the only habor on Providencia Island. Due to the light winds, we are staying only two days and we are leaving today at 1800LT. We all were enjoying this nice little Island. The wind forecast is not in favor to our last leg to San Blas, but anyway we will enjoy the last sailing days and nights. We supposed to arrive the 23.05. in San Blas

Sailing to Isla Providencia
17.05.2011 1230LT 14-31.9N 080-56.4W COG 230 deg. 5.3kts Wind SSW 0-1 Bft
Since two and a half days, we have to run the engine, with only short times the sails up. We are facing unusual weather conditions, very light southerly breeze and the nights with total calm. Yesterday at 1700LT, we had a stop at Beacon Cay for swimming and snorkeling. 200 meters from us a fishing boat was mooring, they visited us, bringing two pirotfishes on board. They were prepared for the late dinner. Half an hour after sundowning, we lifted our anchor to continue our trip. We are now 10nm from the Cayo Quintasueno with 3 ships wrecked there. We will have a stop for swimming and snorkeling there. We take care that Stahlratte will not be the forth wreck at this location.

Sailing to Isla Preovidencia
15.05.2011 1600LT 15-29.3N 081-42.5W COG 210 deg 6kts Wind: light Wly breeze of 2 Bft.
On the way to Isla Providencia. The whole last night, we were sailing, but this morning we had to get the sails down. The wind has gone to zero with a flat sea with only little swell. At noon, we stopped the engine for swimming and cooling. For dinner we got served by Stoffel a very special and good tasting fish soup with some of our cuban lobsters. At 1400LT the westerly breeze started and we get the sails up again and are now motorsailing. Still 250 nm to sail to Providence Island.
...1.Stewards helper ...raranito

14.05.2011 1800LT 48-29.7N 078-14.4W COG 220 deg. 5.4 kts Wind ENE 4
14.05.2011 1800LT 48-29.7N 078-14.4W COG 220 deg. 5.4 kts Wind ENE 4
After the normal formalities with Immigration and Customs we left at 1200LT the Marina Montego Bay. Yesterday night we joined a party in the Marina Bar with Jamaica music, some drinks and a lot of dancing. 1230 LT we got all our sails up and sailing with ENEly winds force 3-4 along the coastline westwards with 5.2kts. 1700LT we we gybed to port 215deg. The sky is cloudy and showing some isolated showers over the coast of Jamaica, our sailing course is now heading straight to Isla Providencia only 390 nautical miles to sail. Now the Stuart crew is prepairing a fish for dinner and we will have a sundowner soon.

No smoking ganja - drinking sundowner - irie session - no fish on bord - jaman - kommin from germaika -- grossartig -- alles klar -- arschloch-penner-mann

13-05-2011 08:18LT 18.27.6N 077-56.5W marina montego bay
Since 20 minutes we are by anchor in front of marina montego bay. The whole tour from port antonio was no wind. Tomorrow mornig we will clearout of yamaica and sail straight ahead to isla provedencia....fiete

12-05-2011 2030 LT 18-27.6N 076-56.4W COG 270 deg 6.0 kts No Wind
12-05-2011 2030 LT 18-27.6N 076-56.4W COG 270 deg 6.0 kts No Wind
To Montegobay At 1330LT we left 1 Ole Marina in Port Antonio. With SEly Wind about 2 Bft we had to start with motorsailing heading West the northcoast of Jamaika. At 1700LT we take down all the sails, no wind at all and calm sea. We passed Oracabessa lighthouse on port side 3nm. We have a clear sky and full moonlight shining. On board now: fiete, feli, alain, morena, crissy, candy, mark, susanne, bobo, rainer. .raranito

Port Antnio to Montego Bay, 12.05.11 0930 LT
We decided after long discussions not to stay forever in Port Antonio, and are waiting now for the Immigration officials to get the touring permit for the Jamaicanian sunny waters. We have to sail today to Montego Bay to get Gerti, Stoffel and Dug on bord. Stoffel and Dug are on an overnight visit of Kingston City, Gerti is joining us until Panama. Barbara disembarqued yesterday a noon to fly home. Candy (San Francisco) boarded yesterday. There are only light easterly winds, the forecast is not giving us a good chance for a fast sailing trip to Montego Bay. rainer...

Port Antonio in Jamaica
1830LT 18-10,89N 076-27,42W Today we fix stahlratte direct at the bar of the marina "di ole marina" for its more easy to order the drinks....fiete

Logbuch 7.4. 1030LT
07-04-2011 1030LT 18-27.30N 076-23-38W COG 190deg 4.5kts Wind ENE 3-4 .We have still 20nm to sail about 5 hours to Port Antonio. The Coast of Jamaika can be seen already. During the night, it was cloudy, some drops of sweat water from above and we didnt see to much stars. With stronger winds "Stahlratte" was running up to 6.2kts into the dark night. Now we have the normal full sunshine with about 28 deg air temperature. We are starting now to celebrate our breakfast. ....rainer

On the way from Santiago de Cuba to Port Antonio in Jamaica
At 10:00 am we lifted our anchor and around 11:00 am we set sails and sailling course 210°, not exact our course but nearby. A whale has crossed our route and said hallo with a nice waterfontaine. Yesterday afternoon arrived alain&morena and mark&flic. So we are eleven for celebrate 25.birthday of morena. Tomorrow afternoon we will be in port antonio....fiete

Santiago de Cuba
We are in the Marina Punta Gorda around 5 miles south of santiago de cuba.

Santiago de Cuba
At 03:00PM we throw our hook in front of marina gordo away. The paperworks was this time easy and only one dog they bring to ship for smelling unallowed substances. After 10 minutes between old trowsers, shirts and spareparts for the engine the poor puppy was down and now we are free to go where we want. Simonetta and thorge left to mexico and stoffel and duck arrived from berlin....fiete the dog left in our beds some flee´s ... after an coffee we´re going to demonstrate!!! 1st of may! and you? ...P


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